Become an Invisalign Provider
Become an Invisalign Provider

Seamless digital
end-to-end workflow

Practice benefits

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500K+ searches

More than 500,000 people searched for an Invisalign® Provider in Europe in 2018.

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Word of mouth

Teen patients in Invisalign® treatment are more likely to recommend treatment to their friends than those with braces.11

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Save time

Increase practice capacity, with shorter chair time for patients using the Invisalign® System.12

Transform your practice with end-to-end digitalisation

Patients don't just seek a tooth straightening solution from their orthodontist, they want a life-changing experience. They also want positive interactions with you and your team at every stage of their treatment journey, with outstanding professionalism, commitment and customer service. For both current and future patients, fulfilling those desires goes hand-in-hand with having a fully digitalised practice.

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How our digital workflow and tools can help you and your practice

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Gain efficiency

Create seamless workflows that drive practice efficiency to a whole new level of excellence, so you can get the most from your valuable chair time. Increased capacity as a result of this enables you to invest time back into the areas that matter most to you.

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Drive efficiency

Achieve accurate results for your patients, with the control, accuracy, and confidence needed for predictable, repeatable outcomes in adults, teens, and children.

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Improve patient experience

Convey the power of the smile to prospective patients, with intuitive visualisation tools that help you maintain motivation, and build trust and emotional connections, so more people say ‘yes’ to the Invisalign® treatment.

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Drive practice growth

Increase volume and drive practice growth with the Invisalign® System and iTero Element intraoral scanner. Finding efficient ways to conduct treatment and engage with patients has never been more important to ensure business viability.


Helping you transform your practice with the Invisalign® System and iTero Element™ Plus series intraoral scanner

Our success is built on enhancing the brilliance of orthodontists like you. That includes helping you as a practice owner, in addition to putting ground-breaking technology in your hands. Whatever your practice goals, we are there every step of the way to help:

Take your practice to the next level with the Invisalign® System

Invisalign® clear aligners help enhance your clinical brilliance while improving the patient experience. Whatever your practice goals, our technology helps amplify every step of your treatment journey.

With the Invisalign® System, you can achieve:

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invis is your brilliance, enhanced

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