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No matter where you are on your digital journey, our mission is to help you realize the vision you have for your practice. That's why we build solutions to help streamline your workflow and grow your practice. Engage your patients and help you work with more confidence. Together, we can build what's next.

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iTero™ by the numbers

Did you know...

The iTero™  network of general practitioners around the world collectively performs over 1,484,214 restorative scans every year?
It all goes to show that seamless and productive workflow starts with iTero™ solutions.1

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iTero™ scanner

Practice growth starts with the iTero™ scanner.

A peer-reviewed study published by The Journal of Clinical Dentistry confirms the introduction of iTero™ digital scanning with Invisalign treatment increases case volume and drives practice growth.

Orthodontic practice

Within 6 months the iTero™ scanner can pay for itself2
12.42 additional Invisalign® cases at 12 months2
€48,530 increases in Invisalign sales at 12 months3

Dental practice

Within 1 year the iTero™ scanner can pay for itself4
5.92 additional Invisalign® cases at 12 months4
€33,000 increases in Invisalign sales at 12 months3
Practice-specific solutions

Expand your possibilities

Restorative Solutions

By enhancing treatment predictability - from crowns and bridges to edentulous cases - iTero™  scanners boost your efficiency so you can get more out of your chair time.

Orthodontic Solutions

iTero™ solutions help optimise your practice's workflow and treatment accuracy and our rich 3D visuals can help you to better engage with patients.

Lab Solutions

Becoming an iTero™ enabled lab allows you to access the growing install base of iTero™ scanners and consistently deliver quality work to your clients. Boost your productivity and standard of care.

Why iTero™

A more efficient, effective workflow starts with iTero™ solutions.

From the initial consultation to the finishing touches on a complex treatment, we're here to expand your capabilities. Practice transformation starts here.

Why iTero™

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Why iTero™

We have a solution for your practice

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iTero Element™ Plus Series*

Our latest innovations.

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iTero Element™ 5D

Our first imaging system with NIRI technology.

iTero Element™ 2

Proven innovation for effective treatment.

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Why iTero™

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