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Become an Invisalign Provider

Smart Technology

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SmartForce features

Features are automatically incorporated to treatment plan to increase the control and predictability of tooth movements.The SmartForce features that some patients may require include :

  • Tooth-coloured attachments that are bonded to the teeth. The aligner accommodates the space for attachments. The size, position and quantity vary from patient to patient
  • Power ridges.
  • Pressure areas.
  • Customised to each tooth.
  • Positioned more precisely to deliver the forces while eliminating interfaces.
  • Automatically placed by the software to achieve the desired movement.
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SmartTrack material

SmartTrack aligner material has been specifically designed to provide better tooth movement control and aligner-patient fit for improved clinical outcomes.

  • Gentle, constant force.
  • High elasticity.
  • More precise fit.

SmartStage technology

The SmartStage technology applied in the development of Invisalign® treatments leads to a more precise control of individual and multiple tooth movements.

  • Optimised progression of movements designed to improve the predictability of Invisalign treatments.
  • More precise control of individual and multiple tooth movement.
  • Minimisation of intra-arch and inter-arch interferences.

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