iTero elementTM plus series

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iTero Element™ Plus scanner available in:

iTeroTM Element 5D Plus (Cart Configuration)

iTeroTM Element 5D Plus (Mobile Configuration)

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Why iTeroTM

A state-of-the-art experience

  • Our smoothest scanning experience enjoy scanning every patient, every time 5
  • Ergonomically designed to conform to you and how you work
  • 20+ years of engineering expertise poured into a compelling design built to offer patients an exceptional experience

Grow your practice

With NIRI technology 6 :

Surveyed doctors who used an iTero Element™ 5D imaging system in their practice reported that they increased:


Interproximal caries detection by 56%7


Business revenue by 34%8


Patient acceptance by 71%9


A powerhouse of capabilities10

With Near Infrared Technology6
An all-in-one scan to maximise practice workflow - 3D models, intraoral images, and caries detection aid with NIRI technology.

Be productive, faster
Increase your practice productivity with 20% less waiting time for your scan to process.11

A better experience is in sight
Engineered with more detailed visualisation and wider viewing angles, to aid in treatment plan discussions and acceptance.

Ready for what’s next.
Future ready unit for a simplified upgrade path, supporting you and your ever-expanding quality of care.

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Combined (1)
patient care and practice growth in one scan
patient care and practice growth in one scan