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Class III, Posterior crossbite, Anterior crossbite, Edge to edge bite, Open bite, Narrow arches, Asymmetric arches, Maxillary midline deviation, Mandibular midline deviation, Midline shift, Crowding, Rotations

Distalisation, Levelling Curve of Spee, Extrusion, Expansion, Retraction, IPR, Phase II treatment, Elastics: Class III

Courtesy of Dr K. MALEKIAN, 2021


Treatment Summary

Patient Information
  • Age: 18
  • Gender: male
  • Invisalign Treatment Option: Invisalign Comprehensive
Number of aligners
  • Maxillary: 33 + 17 = 50
  • Mandibulary: 33 + 17 = 50
Aligner Wear time
  • Progressive aligner change interval: 14 days - 10 days - 7 days
  •  Maxillary: Vivera retainer
  •  Mandibular: Vivera retainer
Results achieved
  • Class I relationship achieved
  • Class I relationship maintained
  • Functional canine guidance on both sides
  • Anterior crossbite corrected
  • Posterior crossbite corrected
  • Normal overjet and overbite achieved
  • Overjet improved
  • Significant improvement of overbite
  • Significant improvement of overjet
  • Midlines coincident
  • Proper axial inclination of incisors
  • Curve of Spee levelled
  • Arches aligned and coordinated
  • Alignment of both arches through derotation
  • Arch form improved
  • Aesthetic smile line was achieved 
  • All treatment goals were achieved case
  • Harmonic arches were achieved
  • Upper and lower wisdom molars were extracted pre-Invisalign treatment.
  • The lower wisdom molar extraction is a requirement in this treatment due to lower arch sequential distalisation planned at ClinCheck treatment plan.
  • The hyperexpansion of upper right first premolar was corrected planning lingual movement with simultaneous torque control.
  • We planned sequential lower arch distalisation to correct the class III molar and canine into class I molar and canine.
  • Lower arch sequential distalisation provided space in order to retract lower anterior teeth and therefore correct crossbite of upper lateral teeth.
  • The anterior overjet created allowed us to retract upper incisors and therefore correct dental biprotusion.
  • Patient collaboration during total treatment time was excellent wearing full-time (22 hours/day) aligners and class III elastics.





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Courtesy of Dr S. Oliveira, 2021
Class III, Posterior crossbite, Narrow arches, Asymmetric arches, Mandibular midline deviation
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